You Know You’re in TSW When…

The only things you buy on vacation are tinctures from a naturopath and gauze from a pharmacy.

I don’t even know what these are – my husband translated the whole session but doesn’t have botanical vocabulary. We found the small shop in¬†Purmamarca by chance. The proprietor asked many questions and took my pulse in three places before deciding which herbs to give me. I am taking them every morning and hope to see some improvement.

It was impossible to stick to my healthy diet whilst there. There were family get togethers and I am loathe to be fussy or difficult. Plus it was nice to let loose for a bit. I had bread, steak, wine, empanadas, and chocolate cake – things I had not eaten for almost two months. After a few days though I found myself craving vegan dishes. I was thrilled to find a vegetarian restaurant in Buenos Aires, two blocks from our hotel. They even had wheatgrass juice!

I’m glad I went and I think I did pretty well at coping with the demands of travel. I prepared by stocking up on every single thing I needed in a less than 3.75 ounce size, as we were only doing carry-on. I went through multiple tubes of Aquaphor and zinc cream. I took an oatmeal bath everyday and turned in early. I had a minor flare; the big one I am in now held off until last night. I am pretty miserable today – the crooks of both arms are oozing, even though I took an epsom salt bath and slathered them with Sudocrem. I am contemplating taking the day off work tomorrow. I feel like I need to regroup.

One place we went was uniquely different for me due to TSW – Salinas Grandes. This high altitude (3350 meters above sea level) salt plain (picture 3) was gorgeous, but as I was surrounded by so much salt (and wind), my face stung.

I would love to go back to the Salta/Jujuy area when I am well again.


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